Get Wealth News* is located in Suburban Maryland but consults with English-speaking clients across the globe.

Please email me about your project or assignment and we'll be happy to set up a time for a short discussion about your needs. In select cases, we may offer phone numbers for those who are in or able to call the US and other contact details.

Since Get Wealth News doesn't consult for everyone who inquires about our services, please be aware we reserve the right to decline any offer of work. 


Get Wealth News, Inc. is a division of the registered entity, Thrive Media, Inc., under which Dahna Chandler operates as an incorporated independent writing consultant. For client protection under federal and state employment laws, all services provided by Ms. Chandler are remote, self-directed, and offered under a written agreement between clients and Thrive Media, Inc. The corporation also invoices for Ms. Chandler's services under its FEIN.

Image: Pexels